Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy National Oatmeal Month! random bits.

So yeah, National Oatmeal month. I subscribe to a lot of recipe websites aand everyone seems to be going bonkers with the 156,783 different ways to make oatmeal, so, yay...

I give winter the Big Dislike when I'm not working. It's never the right temperature in a house you don't leave for three days or more. Right now it's soo cold I'm wearing two sweaters, (though eldest is 'kay in his jammie pants.. crazy person) and when I opened my cupboard to get out a coffee mug, I caught a breeze that sent a shiver through me. Jeez! Even my cupboards are cold!

My hubby possibly is going to have the next week or two off, depending on what the doctors say. He busted his knee up pretty bad on MONDAY! and since then is has gotten more swollen and painful, and while he's a stalwart employee, he's a whiny little bitch at home, and after finally getting caught by his boss almost collapsing, he's being sent to a doctor's today, and might be on worker's comp for a week or two.Hubby has never liked to take advantage of the system, and so didn't really know much about worker's comp until boss filled him in. Hubby is somewhat surprised and excited by this. Me, not so much...  Don't get me wrong, I loves my hubby, but I hates his whining, and for a man who can't even keep his legs still whilst sitting, this isn't going to be so much the relaxing stay-cation he's hoping as it is the torture fest of the 'you have to stay off it and ice it's' that he's going to forget about 5 minutes into his 'recuperation'...

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