Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolute to resolve yourself. wait. what?

Okay, So 2011 got off to a...... slow... start. Much like 2010 ended. Nothing has changed, and no resolutions come to mind, as whenever I make resolutions, I pretty much fuck them up the first day, which turns into  big downward spiral of self-pity and more doing of the thing I was resoluting not to do. So. I'm not making any resolutions this year, in the hopes that my gym visits will stay frequent, my smoking habit continue to decrease, my healthy eating stays where it is, and my children grow, as they will, with or without my help.

Also, I think I finally convinced my husband that my job makes more money and is more useful than his, so when I get off mat. leave I;m going back to it.

My job: Quasi-Governmental
His Job: Chips.
My Job: Benefits and Pension Plan
His Job: Benefits as long as he doesn't take a distributorship, and if he does, then nothing.
My Job: Starting wage of Awesome, with due increase every whenever, due to union, steady.
His Job: starting wage of blah, with surprising increase of pretty okay with sprinkles of commission every once in a while.
My Job: Bids to get better positions, seniority (even while I'm on mat leave!)
His Job: Sort-of Seniority, depending on whether there's anyone available for the job, or whether the company just decides to hire it out to someone else.
My Job: Gets me out of the house on a daily basis with weekends off, guaranteed
His Job: Gets him out of the city, sometimes for weeks on end, and not always guaranteed weekends off, keeps me locked in our house..

Overall, My job seems to have a bit more appeal. just a bit. So, maybe in april.....sorta exciting!

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