Wednesday, January 26, 2011

pain.vs. Shut you face

Hubby's just gone back to work on Monday after a week off with a bum knee. Before he went on workers comp, he was ready to quit because, well, the week he hurt his knee also happened to be the week his head went 'Fuck Sleeping!' and since he thinks a man isn't supposed to see a doctor unless it's broken or gushing blood (and even then), he just let his injuries fester until his boss noticed that he was limping and looked like shit. (That's my brave strong man...) Of course he works out of a truck, so his boss didn't get to see him like this until friday when he went to drop off paperwork.
Then he spent this last week at home, bored out of his mind and unable to leave the house, since the injury turned out to be a second degree MCL sprain on his right knee, which is the driving knee. So he spent the whole week rearranging my kitchen, critiqing my mommy skills, rearranging those, writing out new schedules for youngest so that he can get the most out of the day, and then bitching that youngest doesn't like him, because, while youngest is teething, he prefers my shoulders to daddy's to bite, so he's not been really all that cuddly to daddy at all.

 Therefore, I was extremely excited for this past Monday to come, as I would have my house to myself, my kitchen could be put back to order, and my son's schedule put to rights as well. But on Sunday night, I heard murmers and whines of what he had said on the days leading up to his week off, about him hating the company, and wanting to quit, though there were no ways out of it, that he really should just take me up on the offer of transfering the remainder of the parental benifits over to him and having Me go back to work(yes, people I offered to go back to work just to shut him up, because I know within three weeks of us having switched places, he will be begging me to switch back.)

So I sent him a love note on Monday, via video text, with this lovely contraption. I have to say my Efforts were not all that greatly received.

Here's the link if you want to try it out yourself. DRAAAMMAAA!!!!!!!

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