Friday, January 28, 2011

I wonder if house-husbands are anything like house Hippos?

So remember when I said (in sideline) that I offered to switch places with hubby to shut him up, and I would go back to work, and he would stay home?
A big YaY to that coming true.

He's done on the 11th of Feb. and I start back at my jobs(see plural, although, funny enough, I don't have to work as many hours as he does to make the same pay, and I'm in town) on Consumerist Valentine's day, which upon returning home I expect a fucking super romantic and fantastic meal from my newly appointed house-husband. my man-bitch, if you will. (cuz, you know, I was planning on making spaghetti and asking hubby to re-enact lady and the tramp with it, hopefully enraging him to the point that he leave the dinner table couch, therefore leaving me more yummy spaghetti.)

What's even more funny is that I'm excited about this. Hubby must have asked what the right decision would be to me, and if I was sure, and if I was sure I was sure, etc, and on, and on. He made sure he double and triple checked to make sure we could have transition time to get youngest used to daddy-all-day, and wean baby off boob. Not necessarily boob milk, but boob, which actually comes just in time as youngest is cutting three teeth at once, so that would suck.  I don't know why they call it cutting teeth, it would probably be more humane to actually cut the gums and let the teeth come through, cuz right now all I see are teeth through thin layer of gum, a tray of ice cubes being gnawed away every day, and little clam-shaped bruises on my shoulders. But I digress.

So after much discussion and worrying, and a tiny bit of bullshit, my hubby is on his vacation for the next two weeks, and then he takes over the remainder of my parental, which is only going to be for the next three months anyways, but it gives us transition time to find the right amount of hours for me to work to cover that cash.

Ohhh, my poor hubby. I don't think he's quite realized what he's gotten himself into. this will be fun!

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