Thursday, September 16, 2010

And then I got high.... or did I?

Okay, so I don't do drugs myself, I'll admit I've tried some in the past (who hasn't?), and I know people who still do. And by drugs I mean Pot. Marijuana.
None of that commercially made I-died-in-a-bathtub-fire-trying-to-make-this-chemical-cocktail-for-you, no. The homegrown stuff. Stuff that should be legal so the Govt can tax the shit out of it. This is Canada People! Do you know how many people actually smoke or eat this stuff? You'd be surprised at the real numbers. Do you realize how fucking beautiful our Country could look and do you know how easily our economy could bounce back? All because the Govt decided to legalize and sin-tax Pot.
But enough about me and lobbying to legalize things, I just got this video today, and it made me so glad I live in Canada, yet really sad about the world I'm putting my children in. Hopefully when they're older the people who put this Zero-Tolerance policy into place will be gone and the next generation can put a more personal policy in place.  When did simply talking to a kid to see what's going on in their lives crap out against finger-pointing and accusations?

Again, I say wow.  I really have nothing to say.

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