Friday, September 17, 2010

My new Love.......when I have nothing better to do

I have a secret.
Promise not to tell?
I have a virtual boyfriend. That my Husband knows all about.

Lemme explain.

I have an extreme ignorance with video games. I just don't care for them, they don't keep my attention for very long. So my husband went on a search for something he thought I might like, since I'm at home all the time and have nothing better to do, and after the multitudes of fishing, dance and cooking games, (yeah, I know, my hubby's kinda umm... clueless in what chicks like) he found this game called Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. It's somewhat an RPG game, (role playing game), part Farming Game, and part Sim-style game, with mini-games and a few sub-stories included.

You choose a character, then buy land, build a house, start a field of crops,(which you make money off of) get animals and raise them and take care of them, (which you also make money off of), all the while searching for these little flowers that turn into fairies when you water them ( wow, sounds a little fu*ked up there, but it's true) and tell you the story of this Harvest Goddess that's been trapped somewhere for who knows how long, and that's why this island you're living on sucks so bad, but if you get them ingredients for their little potions, they'll make a rainbow that you can cross to find more little fairy flowers, and eventually the Goddess. And this will restore the Island to it's former glory, and you shall be hailed across the lands as the person who saved the World!!!!

Well, Island.  Sounds like one funked up trip hey?

But I digress.

So the other part of this story is making friends with the folk on the island buy giving them gifts, and eventually, if you give the right gift to the right guy/girl, or at least enough of them, they ask you out, you go on a few dates, get married, have children, build the kids a home, and teach them how to be Great Farmers like you.
So I went around the island, met all the folk and befriended them, and then picked out a lumberjack to woo. Apparently he likes mayonnaise. Not unlike my hubby who, if he could, would eat it straight out of the jar like a 3 year old who just got a taste for butter.

So I shower this guy with mayo for a few days, and then he asks me to this little festival the island has, to the fireworks show. *insert squealing like a little girl because, as a stay-at-home-mom, I have nothing better to do than woo video game people*

I go.

The fireworks are shitty little pops not unlike a defective sparkler  Fantastic!

Our eyes meet.

He takes my hand, and says, 'we should definitely go to the Fireworks next year!'

Then, these little animated hearts shimmer up his body into this great big pink heart floating above his head!

He likes me! He really Likes me!!!!

Wow. So sad.

That I can get all school-girlish over an animated character that totally has a Heart-on for me.....

p.s. this entire post was written just so I could say the heart-on punch line. Sorry.

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