Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can you smell that? it's fear...

Once again, I am appalled by the school system. I wonder if my parents ever had this much trouble with my school.  sheeesh...

So yesterday My eldest brings home a note from the principals, stating that the school had practised a 'General Lockdown". Here. I'm going to type it verbatim, because I feel it's necessary, so the message can be heard.

" On Wednesday, November 03, 2010, Bappity-bap School practiced a "General Lockdown" of the school.
A general lockdown means all students remain in their classroom with the door locked and the lights turned out. Students move out of sight of windows and doors. 
The general lockdown was practiced so that staff and students are prepared in the event we have to institute a lockdown procedure. The City Police were involved in this practice and gave students and staff meaningful advice on to how to conduct ourselves and make our practices better. 
We are very proud of our students who listened closely to our directions. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.
New principal (who's about to get ousted by PTA.)"


This is terrifying. Sad. There is a whole schwack of emotions still roiling down right now. I'm not sure when our school system decided that instilling fear in elementary students was the best plan for safety, and right now in my head is a picture of kindergarten students playing hide-n-go-seek, because that was the only way the teacher could get everyone's attention.  I especially like the part where they DON'T TELL US WHY THEY'RE DOING IT!!!! No reason whatsoever. What event would constitute a lockdown procedure? what? WHAT DO YOU KNOW TEACHERS????? fuck me. I don't ever remember having to do shit like this. ever.

This whole 'exercise' reminds me of the bomb raids of old , where they taught school children, not to mention everyone else, to hide under their desks with their hands over their ears. You know, I used to volunteer at an elderly home, and there was one gent there that couldn't even have an alarm clock within 3 rooms of his, the p.a. system had to be unhooked in his room, you couldn't even blow a whistle. Perpetually afraid of the Bomb sirens. He probably died afraid.

My point being is how dare they instill fear in my child in a place of learning? In one of the only places he's excited to go to right now, that he feels most trusting in?  And shouldn't it be my child's choice on whether or not to be afraid? the letter cleverly masks what he should be afraid of.  Shouldn't it have been a choice as to whether or not he even participated? And why were the parents informed only after the fact? This wasn't even mentioned in the School Newsletter.

We're not backward rednecks here, and this is not an issue of Conspiracy Theory. This is  Canada, and we should not be afraid. Just let's look at it. Would anyone want to see their child doing this?

So yeah. You can bet I'm going to be asking a LOT of questions to this new Principal, and I'll go as high as I need to get answers.


  1. Yes, this is Canada:

    Yellowknife, N.W.T -

    Langley, B.C. -

    Ajax, Ont. -

    Ottawa, Ont. -

    Surrey B.C. -

    Brampton, Ont. -

    And some local information for ya:

    That's just the first page or so of a Google search on lockdowns in Canada. It sucks luv, but it happens. Sure, talk to the teachers and principal, then talk to the eldest. Keep him safe by working with the schools and other care givers, and most especially him, to give him the tools and knowledge to stay safe.

  2. yuck. You know I'd expect this at highschools, roiling emotions in teenagers and all, but elementary school seems like an unneeded worry. we already have children abductred, getting lost, and sexually abused or creeped on that doesn't really happen in high school, just seems like one more reason for homeschooling.