Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not endorsing it, but it did work..... against my will...

Since I started going to the gym, I have seen definite improvements in areas. Such as my two sets of butt cheeks have grown into each other to yet again become one set. My thighs no longer make a loud cricket noise when I walk. You can barely tell there's any noise at all. And when I do the Arm Dance? The motion no longer continues when I stop flapping.  But let me put the numbers up to you anyway. With the Gym? No pounds lost yet, as all my fats and their little fat children are being converted to muscles, and apparently muscle weighs slightly more than fat. or the same. I dunno. Having the Stomach Flu this past weekend, that left me in more pain than a day at the gym has ever done, ever? 12 pounds. yup, 12 pounds of whatever I was eating, would eat, and did eat was forcibly shed from me. Funny.

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