Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A really, really bad apology, that doesn't really apologize in any way...

I know. I haven't written in a while. Lemme explain.

On Wednesday I tried to post a video of my youngest and hubby giggling like little school girls, but apparently it had not been filmed in the right definition, and I'm not techie smart in any way, so I don't know if you can even change that, and it kinda made me really mad, and random thing throw-y, and I ended up smacking myself in the head with a surprisingly resilient eraser, so I gave up.

Hubby came home from his first of four weeks out in Lloydminster on Thursday. Hence House had to be spotless to show him that indeed I was right, he was the main cause of all the mess in the house.

Friday was hubby's birthday, and so we did hubby birthday things, which strangely always includes shopping, which he always says he hates, but seems to take great pleasure in on his birthday.

Saturday I'm sure I had some excuse, but I don't remember it, so just remember I had some excuse, and it was probably awesome, and would have made you forgive everything I ever did, like that time I accidentally dropped your fish down the toilet, but I couldn't get him out with out sticking my hand in the toilet, and that's just gross, so I flushed him so he could be with fishy friends back in the river. No one wants a lonely toilet fish. But I digress.

Sunday was the football game. Well, actually, it was several football games, all day long, with some hockey thrown in just to be funny, but somewhere in the mash of sport viewing was the game that was actually meant to be watched.

And then yesterday, I got a really good post together, and then forgot about it, so now you're probably not going to see it until Thursday, which is okay, because I plan to add to it.

So there. I explained. And I actually don't give two, or even three shits what you think anyways, so this was basically an exercise in futility.

And I just found out that my name means blowjob on Urban dictionary.com. That's not Funny Urban dictionary!!
Can you sue a public forum website?

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