Saturday, November 6, 2010

I reeally, really, suck.... Flag Football 2010

And continuing on with the Suckiness which is my procrastination, Here are the videos from Eldest's and Hubby's Last Flag Football Game. If I was more coordinated, and knew what I was doing, these would've been pieced together into one, but as i am a technology noob in every sense of the word, they are not. Not sure how much more work I saved in the long run though...

Running Catches before the game.

In the opening huddle.

Eldest throwing the ball to the Quarterback, No clue what the position is. (Marvel at my magnificent Camera-work)
It's always a battle to see who gets the flag.
Coach doing what he do best. Eldest as Quarterback.

Kay, I would have more of the actual Game, but at this point the  other team had tackled our guys three times(which is punishable by severe penalty or benching. it's flag football people) two of which resulted in bloody noses and one with a nasty knee bruise for our kids, and after the second one hubby-Coach let other Coach know that his kids needed to stop tackling or they would stop the game. The other Coach laughed in his face and kept encouraging his kids to tackle. Hubby-Coach called half-time right after the third hit, and once again warned the Coach that the Kid sport crew and the Community association  would definitely hear about his behaviour. The other coach called the game, saying that if they couldn't hit, it wasn't football. Hubby-Coach then asked for a handshake from the teams, out of good manners, and then gave his team a congratulatory, and easily over-heard speech on how good  they were for obeying the rules, and didn't hurt anyone, even though they might have wanted to.

Clean up time, since game was over. If you look really hard, you can see other team doing their own game by themselves, complete withe kids tackling still.(also you can tell which kid is mine, since he stops everything just to pose for the camera.)
The Parents of our kids were mighty impressed by the way things were handled by our team, and in fact encouraged hubby to come back next year to Coach. The kids did too.
Here is the result

 And there, in a nutshell and really long post, is the last game of Flag Football.
And then we went to walmart. But that's not really part of the story...

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