Friday, August 6, 2010

Put up yer Dukes!

From the time my first son was born, before he could control his movements very well, he had this habit of raising his little fists up to stare at them that we came to call the 'Put up yer Dukes' pose. Well, he did this so often, and we said it so often, that he soon started to do the pose whenever we said the phrase. Ahh, selective conditioning through word association. 
It's been so long now since my eldest 'Put up his Dukes', that I virtually forgot the phrase, until my newborn started doing the same movement. And guess what? My eldest looks at him and says, 'Put up yer Dukes!' talk about memory retention...
I have to say I'm slightly wierded out by this, as I think the phrase got lost before he started talking, so either my son has a Super-brain and just chooses to wield it at odd times, or he's psychic. or has a brain tumor. either way, it's creepy .cute as hell.

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