Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Kitchen is falling apart! Luckily someone's here to put a new one on...

My landlord's brought  in a contractor to redo the kitchen in our house, so Yay! Trouble is, he decided that the best time for them to come would be the first week of School, which will be interesting... I wonder how kiddo's lunch-packing will go when we don't have any food. I just learned that they're even replacing all the appliances, and I mean all!!! Yes! no more secret-handshake-latch-or-death dance with the dishwasher, no more of that sticky green shit holding my fridge doors together (you know the stuff- Billy Mays hawked it, was probably made out of his rib-bone or something...)

Thumbs up Billy!

On a completely unrelated note to my kitchen, but completely related to billy mays, do you know how many people idolize billy? I found like, 28 pages just of pictures on google images. They even had a few of his funeral , and all the pallbearers wore blue oxyclean shirts.... somewhere out there is an army of billy. Scary..... Oh well. houses will be clean and nothing will break. 

Also? I won't be able to get to my computer for about a week, so I'll just have to take shitloads of piccys  to show the complete demise and re-institution of my kitchen. 
Hey, my kitchen's just like jesus! tore down before everyone and will rise in three days! (except my kitchen's being built by carpenters, it's not itself a carpenter. oh, and it's real.)

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