Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mmmmmmm, anus. no wait! that's not what I meant to say!

So I just entered myself into a Coca Cola sponsored contest to win meat for a year from President's Choice.
They ask for your personalized best burger, including name, what kind of PC patty you used, your dressing choices, and how to assemble the burger.
So I fill in the information, and just as I press the submit button, I look over my work.
I have a pretty slow-ass computer wait time, so I was able to fully realize, without being able to do anything of course, that I mis-typed the kind of burger patty I used. And the coffee I was drinking tried to escape through my nose.
I can just see the Coke contest deciders looking over my application and wondering to each other:
"I didn't know President's choice made an anus patty....."

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