Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's giver a round of 'applause'!

Ever have one of those moments where you write a word down and it just doesn't seem like you spelled it right?
And then you go and look it up and it turns out you didn't, but the real word seems even more wrong than the way you spelled it? My whole day has been Me psyching myself out with stupid words that I could have just avoided by using a simpler word instead. Case in point:

Doesn't that look wrong?
I tried auplause, aplaws, aplause, auplase, applauze.
but the real thing looks even more weird. And thanks Spell-Check, I know the others are wrong. You are king Spell-Check. A fucking genius. Lets all clap for Spell Check.

Other words that have been kicking my ass recently:
weird, genius, seriously,  and psyching.
I've been psyching myself out on psyching. Fantabulous.

ps. fuck you Spell-Check. Fantabulous is so a word.

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