Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seriously? Seriously. Serious...

My eldest likes to play board games and make-believe with his baby brother, which he can't do in actuality since littlest is like 2 months old, so he just pretends that baby brother is playing and does his turn for him. It's part of his baby brother time, when he gets to be the big brother and 'look after him all by himself ' by playing tickle games or giving him the occasional bottle -or pretend the baby is playing a board game with him(I'm usually in the kitchen making lunch, or on here) which is kinda cute and usually mostly quiet, so i say whatever. They're spending  time together and not fighting or breaking shit, and how long am I gonna get that for, right?

Anyways, today was Scrabble day, apparently. So kiddo brought out his kid's version Scrabble game to the living room,  and set it up next to littlest's baby recliner so that they could 'play together'. Some time passes, and then kiddo comes up to me, a little mischief in his eye and a fake pout on his lips.
"Mom, I don't think baby should play the game anymore, because he's not taking it seriously."

Seriously? Seriously....

My son chooses to kick his little brother out of the game because he spelled 'cornpoop'.
So I tell my son that technically that's not a word, so he can't kick his little brother out of the game, and he says,' is too a word, it what happens after you eat a corn on the cob and then you have to poop and you can see the corn. cuz it can't turn into poop. cornpoop.'



(by the way, I showed husband these pictures and he said none of the words on there were actual words you could use in scrabble, palm tree being two separate words, and doc being an abbreviation, which isn't allowed. Leave it to my hubby to take cornpoop seriously. shit.)

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