Monday, October 11, 2010

5 things I love

I love when my baby wakes up first thing in the morning. He's so calm and happy, and dare I say, flirty. He knows now what it takes to get what he wants, so he'll cling to your neck, grunt little grunts, and give you that 'I know something you don't know' smile, and if you return it, he breaks into a full toothless grin. Then he usually poops, but the before of that is really cute.

I love being outside on a crisp fall morning, with a cup of coffee in my hand and a cigarette in the other, and a book sometimes, if I'm in the mood. Otherwise I like to notice the world. The glistening fall leaves as they get shifted around the street, the spiderwebs trailing my front yard,  the sunrise over the houses across the street, quiet.

I love when my husband comes out of the blue and suggests a mini getaway for me, like how on Saturday he said we should do take-out so I didn't have to cook the day before thanksgiving, and he said I should go down to the restaurant and order so I could sit at the bar and have a drink whilst waiting for the food. A Godsend...

I love when Sobey's discounts their gourmet cupcakes, because then I satisfy my craving with something cheap, and that usually also fills in the question of should I be eating 4 cupcakes weighing in at 450 calories apiece all at once. mmmmmmm, cupcakes....

I love when my hubby 'accidentally' wakes up too early on weekend mornings, and he turns on the music from our computer, and we all dance and sing our way to breakfast.

There. Now how about you?

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