Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Boy's night in

My Husband and I have come up with a plan, that every couple of weekends one of us gets either an In night, or an Out night, on a rotational basis of course. Well Let me tell you about a little thing called the Evening's best intentions.
It was my Hubby's turn last night, and he got a couple of guys together for an In night, (football/hockey/videogame hockey was on) so him and said buddies went shopping like little girls for sports food, booze, and other such things. They came home with smelly cigars, tonnes of finger food, and a bottle of rye with pop for mix. When they arrived back at the domain, they huffled and gloated on how, 'This is going to be awe-some, man', and how they bought enough stuff to last them through the 7+ hour marathon of sports and pigging out that was to happen at a steadily drunkened pace. This is the Evening's Best Intentions.

Reality? They each poured a little too heftily in their glasses, so that by two glasses in, they were waayy ahead of the game. They pigged out on the finger foods, so that 10 minutes into the game, they were all stuffed to the brim. They lasted roughly an hour and a half before the first of them succumbed to slumber, and by the end of the football game, all were not-so-silently snoring into their respective chests.

My turn comes Nov. 13th, with a whole bunch of us ladies making a big Mexican Feast, with nary a drop of the good stuff to be found, as most of us have babies, and the others are 'dieting'. I wonder what our Evening's Best Intentions will amount to. lol

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