Thursday, October 21, 2010

A trip to the candy store-- for ladies

So, I went to the women's world trade show all by myself, with my youngest.

I tried to invite everyone, but no one wanted to come, or had other things to do. Like work and weddings. *sigh* And My hubby and oldest begged out on coming, since they had just finished their last game of the Flag Football tournament, which will come up in another post, but they were too tired to join me, and plus, the rider's game was on, so they begged out.

So, I went by myself. And you know what? I had fun! lots of it! They had so many different stalls with delicious nummies, and boobalicious wearables, lots of Financial and Insurance stalls trying to boost their visitation numbers by having draws for fun vacations, or money. Lots of draws to put my name in in general.

Servers wandering around the pavilions with trays full of mini bottles of booze, severely over-priced, but poured out into these cute little champagne glasses that made you feel like the Shit, so it was okay to spend 6-8 bucks on it.  The main Food pavilion serving nothing but Exotic Salads, (since it must have been just calorie-conscious women they were serving, right?) but I skipped that and went straight for the organic nachos and chicory Coffee, and finished off with homemade pumpkin fudge. Jealous with a capital J, aren't you?

And there was a stage set up at one end of the place, where various ol' lady Thai chi groups, and beginner belly dancing groups were performing every half hour, and one really cute 11 year old boy doing some repetitive fitness routine taught by an  older sister, all the while a big shiny, embarrassed blush on his face. It was adorable.

And I bought whatever the 60 bucks I had with me could buy. Pink Oven mitts with lace frills studded with crystally-looking things, and on it written was "Trophy Wife".  A lovely blue hand-made belly dancing waist wrap, the kind with tons of coins sewn in strategically to make the most noise?, to annoy my hubby and make me happy.  A baby sleeper in the Roughriders colours, with built in shoulder pads so it looks like my baby's a footballer whenever he wears it. A Rider toque for eldest son, and Hubby's birthday Present, which I had to get more cash from the ATM for, but I'm sure is worth it.

And stationed throughout the show was reclining chairs hidden back a little for the breast-feeding mamas, and comfy leather sofas with a big screen in front playing the football game, and a whole barrage of boys, young and old, stationed on the comfy couches, oblivious to their surroundings.

And the whole time I was there, I didn't have to do anything else but what I wanted, I wasn't dragged off to see something I could care less about, or shelling out enough dough to feed the family for a week, on crap and candies. And I didn't feel compelled to want to gossip, as some girls are prone to do, a nice change. And I left when I was ready. And my son was happy and content the entire time.

Twas a treat, and I'm now looking for more things to do just by myself.

p.s. I sound like a kid in a candy/pet store with all the 'ands'.. 'and there was a bunny and he had really soft ears and there were fishys and snails and i saw a puppy........etc

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