Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitchens, revisited

As I find myself with a sudden abundance of time, I'm feeling the need to be productive. So, I'm going to finally post about my kitchen. I know, exciting. woo hoo. ... Well, It Is To ME!!!!!

Okay. So, the contractor was set to have three days for each side of the house(duplex), and the other side had Monday through wednesday. Well, they ended up having some major plumbing problems, and the cabinetry didn't even arrive 'til tuesday afternoon, so they ended up coming over to use our water on Monday evening, Since Contractor Guy was smart and thought to rip both the kitchen cabinets, sink, AND the Bathroom Vanity out all at once. Noting that little piece of smarts, you can imagine my trepidation for when he arrived to do our side.

Also, since there were so many issues with the other side, they ended up taking one of our days to finish up, so when he let us know that he would be coming in bright and early Friday morning, and would stay until the job was finished, possibly working through Sunday, or the holiday Monday, I was a little p.o'ed. Plus, on Monday evening when the next door neighbours came to use our taps, they mentioned that he was alone on the job. Hanging Cabinets? bugger all. Hubby was all, 'Let him know I can help him with whatever, as long as he's out by Sunday game time.' Really. Throughout the whole process I had to keep reminding hubby that he couldn't help, because then we'd be held liable, and I really didn't want to have to pay to fix/replace at least the one cabinet I was imagining he'd break in the process of his 'helping'.Not to mention, Hubby-Helping? He didn't even help me unload the kitchen contents to move them downstairs, he just 'pondered aloud' where the coffee cups had run off to. Duh, dummy, if You had helped, then you would know where they were. *sigh* boys....

Then, on Tuesday when the delivery guys  showed up with the cabinets, they brought all of them for both sides, and since we have limited space in the house, we basically had no kitchen.

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!!! itty-bitty living space...

you can't even tell how pretty the cabinets are because the dumb movers put them all backwards...

But, when All was Said and Done, The lone Contractor took only Two days to finish our side (no problem plumbing-yay!!!), and He even made sure we had a sink on the first night! So with out Further ado, and bitching besides, here is the picture proof.

Still waiting on a new fridge and stove, but don't everything else look just purty?

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