Sunday, October 10, 2010

In True holiday Fashion, I intended to sleep in, even if that meant waking up with baby for a little while very early, and then going back to sleep at first chance. Not so. We were both up at the insanely early hour of 4:38 am, and have since been awake. And to make our early morning better baby decided to strike up a conversation, but since he hasn't learned about volume yet, I'm pretty sure he woke up the whole house. The only difference there is that they can choose to stay in bed.
So I decided I would get this cute action on film, both so I could post it, and guilt hubby about staying in bed by showing him all the cuteness that was missed.  But as soon as I turned the camera on, my son started making this weird-retarded looking face,

 and I know he was doing it on purpose, because after I shut the camera off, he resumed his gibbering. And he did it three more times. Finally, on the fifth try I got about a minute of stuff. Although I think he was getting tired of his game, because it sounded like he was just yelling at me.

Anyways, it is sufficiently late enough in the morning to start dinking the coffee I made an hour ago, and then I'm off to chop some celery. I did most of my prep-work yesterday, and though my fridge is now full of orginized packages and plastic bags of pre-chopped veggies, if you just open the fridge door and don't examine the contents to closely, it looks like I have a chopped up person in there. fun.

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