Friday, October 22, 2010

Annoying people for the good of the world. again.

Since I've become a stay-at-home mom, I've taken to doing online surveys just to clear the boredom, keep updated, and, of course, to make a little side-cash. And I do mean a little. But lately, I've come across a schwack of surveys dealing with Non- profit organizations and Foundations. Things like the Breast Cancer Foundation, World Wildlife foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, etc...
Now, I applaud people who want to raise money for a good cause, even if for no other reason than a tax-break. (You just got sneaked into helping! haha!!!) But, lately, I've wondered just how much of this hard-earned/donated dough actually does any helping. I've looked around on the percentages of what goes to whom, but seem unable to find much info, although lots of opinions have surfaced. I've seen plenty of articles on companies in partnership to these foundations, saying they'll donate a certain percentage of their sales on whatever product they're hawking, and why don't you give them your info to be entered into a contest for  a great VACAY!!!, and this just reminds me of when I used to work for a 'distribution' company that sold very expensive vacuums on door-to-door sales. I managed the Phone and sales room, and I remember the waterfall of offers to be had with our prizes. You book an appointment to have someone pressure you into buying a 'system', just for the appointment you get a Ginsu knife set, but if you bought the said 'system', you got a voucher for a free stay in anywhere up to __ # of places, but when you called to book the vacation, they needed to have you sit down for a time-share demo, and that turned into a draw for a watch, and a phone call for another demo, etc, etc. A downward spiral of 'Oh fuck why did I give my phone # out -EVER?' But I digress. Anyways,  You give your info to some company that you just bought a product from, and they in turn bug the hell out of you whenever they have something new to show you. Kinda like a little kid-'Look what I can do!'. Plus, now they have your info to give whatever charity they were hawking for, so They give you a call and incessantly bug you for donations, telling you to 'do your part', blah, blah, blah. Well, I don't know what part I'm doing, if I don't know where my money's going... blind faith is not something an atheist like myself will give into at any time. I am not a sheep for herding. If I want to help somebody, I will give the money straight to them, or to the hospital, or whatever. But not to some big Head that's going to turn it into some healthy someone who just makes the logos pretty, or the coffee runner's wages. The best idea folks? If you know someone in need of help, help them. simple. Aren't people worth more than your tax break? I dunno. whatever.
This rant is just that, a rant, and since I can't really clarify it anymore, I can't even put paragraph breaks in it, you'll just have to read it as is. That is all.

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