Friday, October 15, 2010

random rambles

My husband came home the other day with a free pass to a 'Woman's World' Convention, and so I made myself a promise that I would go to it come hell or high water, since it's only in a blue moon that my husband actually Offers himself, key word offers here, to take care of the kids and let me roam free for a few hours, and he's the one who gave me the out, so I'm takin it. I don't actually know what this thing is about really, it says on the ticket it's th eultimate trade and consumer experience, so I assume it's a trade show, and hopefully I'll walk away with more than a few free samples, which I LOVE, and it's got a picture of a chippendale dancer carrying a martini and standing like a true jeeves, so if there isn't some kind of naughty mayhem there, I'm going to be fully disappointed, since that's false advertising, and they're just lying to entice you in and then it's all yarn and crafts and making seashell sculpture, which, hey don't get me wrong, cool, but not my thing, and not what they advertised. I also don't know anybody else who is going to be able to come with me, since what few good friends I have are going to football games and weddings this weekend, so I think I might be going alone, so I'll have to dress up to look my most professional, so I can be sure to get lots of free goodies.

p.s. just noticed on the convention's website that men are admitted FREE when accompanied by a woman with a ticket. I sooo know who I'm taking now.. however, in it's mission statement it says that 'if you target women, this opportunity is ideal for you'. Not if your business targets women, but if You target women. sudden visions of nasty looking guys in cheap polyester cat-calling in a big warehouse. nice...

You know how no matter how hard you try to duplicate that certain recipe, that cookie or chicken recipe your grandma or mom used to make and won't give to the recipe to, or at least you haven't asked? My dad used to make this breakfast sandwich on weekends, and if I was lucky, or at least got up early enough, I would get one too. It was just an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich, with a bit of cayenne pepper on it, but boy did it taste good. And I've never been able to duplicate it's greasy, cheesy, yumminess.  the middle of the sandwich sometimes tastes pretty close, I dunno, maybe he cut the crusts off or something. But I have a distinct memory of him telling me that he always ate breadcrust and gristle because grandma told him it was the best part. hmmm...

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  1. Ohhh I remember those sandwiches.... Yum.

    A perfect example of dad's weird eating habits... I watched him eat a two-inch square chunk of beef fat that was attached to his prime rib the other night with a big silly smile on his face... He loved it, I almost ralphed... UGH