Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day two, the X-mas Spirit.

My household has always been rather muted during the holly-days, as we're not religious, so have no religious functions to attend, we're rather homey, so have no all-out-drunk fests to go to, and though we try to keep up with the Jones', we don't go through the big trouble of emptying our savings accounts to appease our children and the latest fads, although we don't go all crazy at what others get them. Our children, or at least the oldest one, as our youngest doesn't care about much but pooping, eating, sleeping and attention, knows the value of things, and the value of the hard work it takes to get those things. Of course he's still a bit of an 'I-want-er', as all kids his age are, but he knows better than to freak out his disappointment, he's well on his way to understanding that "Things" aren't important, but people are. That point seems moot in todays society, where you're only as valuable as what you own.  I don't see X-mas as a time to try and best each other with the things we give, nor do I see it as a time to please family members or appease social obligation, I see it as just a chance to get together if you want to, or be alone if you don't, and just relax and enjoy what's been going on the past year. I'm sure I've pissed more than a few people off with my way of thinking, but if I've offended them by not going to their house to praise the labours they've gone through to elevate they're social standings, that's their issue, not mine. Today's society needs to relax around the holiday season, and realize that if they don't get their kid that new x-box, or if they don't go to their neighbour's big dinner, toting praise and bottles of expensive wine, that they are not a failure as a result. That is all. and all-important.

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  1. 110% with you. Never been to a holiday party, and hopefully, never will be. (Having no friends helps in this endeavor.)