Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is this the ending of the age of the innocence?

The year I stopped believing in Santa I was 8. or maybe 9. Anyway, sometime during that month, my dad had tried to start a fire in the upstairs fireplace, but the flue was clogged, and we almost got smoked out of the house. Both my sister and I nagged our parents about how Santa was going to get in the house when our fireplace was broken, or if he would skip our house all together. It was a very distressing time.
Well, on Christmas morning, we got up, half-worried there would be nothing under the tree from Santa. When we got to the living room, there was a big white snowy mess from the sliding door to the tree, with boot prints going both ways. I'm pretty sure my sister freaked out for a second, thinking burglars had broke in to steal the remaining presents, until she saw the box from Santa. I was curious as how the snow hadn't melted yet, so I tasted it. It was lemony fresh, and probably a little poisonous. So then I went all CSI on that shit, getting all the shoes and boots from the front door, matching the size to the boot prints in the "snow", looking for trace residue, etc. By the time my parents got up they were completely helpless to defend themselves, as I was firmly aware that Santa Clause was  a ruse. I wasn't unhappy though, and I didn't spoil it for my sister. I became aware that my parents were buying these 'Santa' gifts, and though it took me the better part of a few months to realize it, I became aware that they would keep buying them until they caught on that I knew their naughty secret.

Now my Son is only 6, but he's not quite as gullible as I was then, at least I don't think he is, though he might be...
anyways, even this year I'd become paranoid that whenever we discussed santa with him, he got this little glint to his eyes like he knew something more than I, and he even told me once that the Mall Santas were just people who really like to dress up, but they kept microphones in their costumes so Santa could still hear what everyone wanted. Then he laughed. (I fear he's becoming more like Hubby everyday, telling me something to see my reaction before he says it's bullshit... li'l ol' gullibull me)

So When we went to get Santa pictures with both the kids I was a little curious as to what reaction my eldest would give. Youngest I was well prepared for. Being only 6 months old, he dutifully sat on Santa's lap, until he looked up at the great masses of beard, and then promptly started looking for an escape plan. No tears though. that was nice. Eldest walked silently beside me until we got to Santa's village, and when we got up to the Chair, His eyes lit up, glazed over, and when he sat on Santa's lap, he was almost speechless, which is pretty much fucking impossible in it's own right, and he remained glazed and dazed for the rest of the day. When he went to bed that night, he said to me, 'Santa knows what I want for Christmas mom, so Don't buy it. He'll be mad if he gets a double. '

I needn't have worried so early.

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