Tuesday, December 21, 2010

X-mas things that should be year round

You know it's X-mas when you hear crashing and can yell out 'Cat's got the balls again!' and the reply is 'What Colour?'
My hubby's obsessed with X-mas trees now. Not in the getting of the tree, nor the decorating, nor even the looking at, but at the smell. That natural resiny smell that permeates the entire house, no matter what else in it to stink it up. He now wants to have a pine tree in the house at all times. I don't blame him, My childhood house had these big pine/spruce trees dotted all along our front yard, and lining the fence of the back, and it was like playing in my own personal forest. I used to climb up on the roof in the summer to suntan, and the treetops would be there, wafting their delicate scent over the baking roof. The people who moved in after us cut down all but three of the trees, and cut our apple tree down too. Bastards.

We need to have eggnog in the grocery year round. I know, I know, you can make it yourself, but what homemaking mother with a lonely looking bottle of rum wants to go through the trouble of all that cooking when you can just pay the 3.95 to get liquored on a weekday? And besides, it would bring more Festivity to the rest of the year as well, so Bonus.

Boxing Day should be once a month. That way everyone could go crazy at Walmart for the 30% off on everything that nobody needs.

Gingerbread should be in style year round too. What else am I going to dip in my Happy Mommy Eggnog?

Other than that, everything else can go. I have spoken.

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