Monday, December 13, 2010

With lack of anything better to do in my dreams, it seems I'm reverting to my high school self.

I had a dream last night that I was still in high school. or maybe college. Anyways, I was in the music class and we had to sing an x-mas song for the teacher, and the teacher volunteered me to sing the main bit. So Apparently I have been watching too much Sister Act 2 cuz all the sudden we were all singing Joyful Joyful,

*Totally not even an x-mas movie, but Lauren Hill was awesome before she went bat-shite*

 and I sang out the first verse. And it was horrible. In real life I sing, and in dream life I've always been better because I can access ll the little terms and ditties that I can never recall in real life. So you can imagine how bad it was for me to listen to myself in my dream. I could hear every missed cue, every inflection or warble gone horribly wrong, and how deep my voice sounded comparatively. But the other kids in the school didn't notice. They thought it was amazing, so they voted me to sing to some director of the board of Education or something. Maybe the program was going under or something? I don't know. So We started practicing, and it's just like every over-achieving-stressed kids nightmares, when all the students around you are saying 'I'm counting on you', and 'You better not let us down' and shit like that. And then I started mixing up the lyrics. Let me tell you it was Fucking terrifying. And then the big boss guy came in and all the sudden the room was bigger, and there was a stand in the front of the room and I got pulled to one side by the teacher basically telling me to 'Not screw up'. Then I went up and did the same horrible job I did the first time, only it was worse because the room was deadly silent, and every one realized this time round just how bad I was, and then I got pulled out of the room mid song by the big boss and the teacher, and they expelled me right there, and then the kids in the class decided to have a good ol' fashioned torch mob and come after me, and then I woke up.

Moral lesson? Don't eat the white Ferrerro Rochers before bed. They're coconut and white chocolate, and I swear the center has LSD in it, and that's why no one eats them anymore. fuck me.

p.s. I love the rap in this song, it makes absolutely no sense other than it's catering to the 'cool' people. Stay in School y'all.

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