Friday, December 31, 2010

I'd apologize, but I've been tending to the 'dying'. Also, I live in the same house with the best bunch of actors I've seen since Spartacus.

So here it is, New years is upon us, and I dropped the ball. I meant to get a post in everyday this month, but X-mas came, followed by boxing day, followed by three days of every male member of my family getting fevers and rashes. Although the only whining that was really necessary was perhaps from the baby... These are my excuses. So here I am, exhausted and a little worried about the New Year, full of last minute prep for the house gathering I didn't know I was having until 4 o'clock this morning, barely existing off caffeine and sugar from all the baking that no one ate on x-mas. I'm probably going to ring in the new year by sleeping in my youngest's room while the party goes on around me. Such is the life of a mom I guess...

So I guess when I was talking with hubby I misunderstood him, it being, you know, 4 in the god-damned morning. Apparently the gathering is not here, but at one of hubby's friends house. And we're just to bring one thing for the 'potluck'. I told him I'm not leaving the house with two small children in tow if I'm not sure I'll be able to stay awake to watch them. So I'm going to spend a quiet new years at home with my kiddies, bestest Saskabusch friend and a bottle of wine, and hubby and anyone else is welcome to join us, since I have now made enough party snacks to feed a small army. fuck sakes. guys have no management skills. Dumbass.

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