Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Nephew!

My hubby's sister had their baby on Thursday Night, a nice little baby boy, Easton. My hubby thinks it's funny that they're naming their kid after sports equipment, but I don't think it ever crossed their minds. She had to have a c-section because the baby's heart was slowing down, so she's going to be in there for a few days. Her mom said she booked a special private room in the hospital, but since she had the C, she can't have it because it doesn't have an adjustable bed. I'm not so sure what a special private room would include, mebbe a view that's not of the parking lot or cafeteria.....
Anyways, going to see them all today, although apparently you can't bring kids on the ward unless they belong to the one in the ward, which, whatever...


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