Saturday, December 18, 2010

I thought parvo was for Dogs...

I am perturbed. I have recently come more into the knowledge about children's sicknesses.There are 6 common diseases for a child to catch, that a child will most likely catch before age 10. Apparently they're called diseases now, and not just colds or infections. These 6 diseases are all viral, and most have a fatality rate lower than the common cold. The others we get shots against. All these diseases have a fever, followed by feeling crappy for a while, followed by a breaking of the fever and then 2-3 weeks of a rash that's non-contagious. You basically tell eaach on paart by what the rash looks like.  When I was younger and my Eldest was little, he probably got all of these, but I was much better at dealing with them, since I didn't have the internet and my neurotic Husband to make me all paranoid about the little things.

This year, My youngest Has gotten Sixth's disease, where the fever is high, the baby is a cranky bitch, and then the fever suddenly disappears, and it looks like baby has been rolling in the red ant hill, at least from head to belly.  My oldest is probably going to be infected with Fifths disease, since a letter got sent home from school saying there was an outbreak of it, and eldest always brings home treats for the family. Fifth's disease has a low-grade fever with a general malaise, or feeling icky, followed by a cheek-slap rash, which then moves down to the body. Great. so my child gets quiet and icky feeling, then gets a rash that looks like we beat him? Not to mention fifth's disease is a form of parvo. wait. parvo? Bloody Parvo!!!!!! Parvo isn't even in the spell-check dictionary for fucks sakes.

I can't wait for them to get the other diseases, and be the FIRST FAMILY TO COLLECT ALL 6!!!!!


By the way, here's where I'm getting all my awesome fact knowledge from. Medicine net. I chose it coz it sounded like where my grandparents live, and I always put all factors into account yo.

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