Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teaching the kids sports, or the Retirement Plan.

Eldest went skating for the first time yesterday. Well, the first two times. He and hubby went in search of a rink towing along their refurbished skates and sticks. Both were very excited, and this is the first new thing that Eldest has tried that on the beforehand there was no fear in his eyes, just excitement. They found a rink, and as hubby broke in the 'new' skates, eldest tried his luck on his own. Only when he fell down for the first time, and tears welled up in his eyes, did hubby tell him that skating is mostly about falling down, or not falling down. And as he looked around the rink at the older kids playing hockey or racing games, he saw that they too were in the process of either falling down, or getting someone else to fall down. By the end of their first run, he was so  enthralled, that instead of us going again today, he insisted he take me out after supper yesterday to show me how good he was. So after supper me and my Eldest went to the skating rink, empty this time, and bitter cold and blustery, to have him show me how to skate.
Now I admit, skating has never been my thing, I've always been more into Skiing, so I don't have skates, but I went out on the ice with him anyways, in case he needed hands for balance. So imagine how surprised I was when he out skated me. His second time Ever, and he was already faster than me. Sure, he was running more than skating, but there was some gliding in there, and he had excellent balance. I always thought that if there was anything Eldest excelled at that would pay for my early retirement, it would be in music or drama or writing books or something. But maybe we have a mini Sidney in the making. maybe...

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